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IVMS-4500 on PC/Mac/Windows 7,8,10 downloading method

by Bakhtawar Imran

IVMS-4500 is undoubtedly the best and latest monitoring application. It allows you to monitor all your surveillance camera footages on your smartphones. IVMS-4500 on PC requires a sustainable internet connection. If you don’t have time to set up a separate monitoring system you can easily install this application on any of your operating devices. Further, by making an account and establishing a connection with the devices, you can easily monitor all your cameras by the gadget in your hand.


In order to secure your home, workplace or any other property, IVMS-4500 is the right application. It simply connects to all your security cameras and is easily controlled via mobile phone. This application remotely monitors live videos and lets you capture strange time events through network camera and network speed dome. Also, it can monitor by using an embedded DVR and NVR.

Why is it necessary

Whether you own a single business or multiple ones, safety is the main priority. By IVMS-4500 you can easily keep a check on all your belongings by staying at home. You can either monitor live videos or have a look at the recorded footage at the end of the day.

In this article

Although having this tool on your Android is enough, you may want it on your PC as well. IVMS-4500 is a mobile client software but you can have it on a bigger screen. This article will guide you through all the features of this application. Furthermore, with the detailed guideline on how to download and use it on your pc.

Remarkable features of IVMS-4500

Playback remote option:

IVMS-4500 comes with multiple features. One of the major features is rewind and capture images.


Rewind and control-

Through this feature, you can easily rewind the entire footage of an hour, a day and even a month. This also lets you save time. Now you don’t have to stick to your devices for the whole day looking after your house or office. You can simply have a check whenever you are free.

Capture moments-

IVMS-4500 lets you capture strange and off the routine moments. Whenever you notice any awkward happening in the vicinity, you can easily screenshot the moment.

Fast forward feature-

By enabling the fast forward feature in this tool you can save a lot of your precious time. You can easily skip the whole video and pause whenever you see any inappropriate happening. This feature works only for the recoded footages.

Auto notification system:

IVMS-4500 once installed and monitored, works as a background running tool as well. It can send notifications that can be customized according to your needs.


Alarm notification-

By alarm notification system you can set the notifier by feeding inn, the data. This data can address the app to notify when someone enters the frame. Also, it can notify when someone makes changes in the frame.

Customized notification-

This feature makes your application a professional security guard for 24 x 7 surveillance. You can allow or prevent the notifications based on your requirements. Moreover, you can set separate notifications for different cameras.

Zoom and Tilt:

After screenshotting the image from the video, now you can simply zoom it. Zooming the image will not damage the picture quality nor does it destroys the pixels. Similarly, IVMS-4500 allows you to tilt the camera angle according to your wish through your PC, Mac or smartphone.

Frame capture-

Apart from zooming into an image, you can capture the ends of the frame as well. subsequently, it allows multi zooming to micro levels also.

Customized camera setting of IVMS-4500 on PC:

Want to have different settings for different cameras? IVMS-4500 will solve this problem as well.


Favorite camera-

Apart from the other features, you can also prioritize your camera. By doing this the application will feature your most favorite camera and its footage on top of all. With the help of this, you won’t need to scroll down to find the desired video.

Angle setting-

Through this application, you can change and manage the angle settings in particular. Zooming option, focus setting, and angle rearrangement, all can be done by just a finger click.

Most used camera-

Likewise, the favorite camera, IVMS-4500 itself detects the most viewed camera angle and marks it on the top. So that whenever you open the monitoring application, your most-used camera footage appears first.

Photos and Videos management:

Once you capture the images and videos, this tool enables you to further manage the data.


Allows editing and merging-

An amazing component of this application enables you to edit the images. Comparatively, you can also merge the images and videos however you like. After a certain time when your image gallery becomes full, you can simply delete or transfer the images to another device.

 Resolution support of IVMS-4500 on PC:

IVMS-4500 supports resolution starting from 480×800 up to 1920×1080. Also, the application is compatible with all operating devices such as Android, IOS, Mac, and Windows.


HD footages-

The quality of the image depends upon the internet connection. On a fast and smooth internet connection, the application does not glitch. IVMS-4500 supports the resolution of 1080 which is the most updated and most demanded high-resolution image quality.

Multiple camera support:

The monitoring software can hold up to 16 cameras at a time which is enough for a home or a workplace. After connection, you can manage 16 different footages at different places. Now you can secure all your property including home and workplace.


How to download IVMS-4500 on PC

For downloading any android application on windows, you need¬† “Bluestacks”. Bluestacks is an active emulator and provides a platform to download android applications.

Downloading Bluestacks-


Bluestacks can be downloaded from its official website that is “Bluestacks.com”. Once downloaded you can simply install it by agreeing to the license. An icon of bluestacks will appear on the desktop. Subsequently, open it and log in to the play store with an active Gmail account.

Installing IVMS-4500 on PC-


Next up, search for IVMS-4500 in the search bar. Click on the “install” icon. Following up, accept the license it demands and go with the on-screen information. The application will be installed in 1 to 2 minutes and an icon will be formed on the desktop.

Downloading IVMS-4500 on PC through NOX-


Bluestacks is a heavy emulator and absorbs most of the PC’s storage. In order to save space, an alternate emulator used is “NOX”. NOX is a comparatively lightweight emulator. It can be downloaded from the website “Nox.com”. Furthermore, the installation and launching setup is similar to those of bluestacks.

Downloading IVMS-4500 on PC through APK file-


In the case of poor internet connection or removal of the application due to Google’s privacy policy, you can use an alternate method, that of downloading an APK file. An APK file is downloaded from “apkpure”. Once downloaded, you need to open bluestacks and click on the “install apk” icon. It will be appearing at the top left corner. Locate the apk file you already downloaded and navigate it to Bluestacks by drag and drop method. The application will then be downloaded shortly. After the download completes, open the monitoring tool and start using it on a bigger screen.

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